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Iran Will Reportedly Cut Off Electricity to All Legal Crypto Miners

With the upcoming summer, Iranian authorities have decided to halt crypto mining in the country… again.

The Middle Eastern nation has gone against licensed crypto miners and will shut down all 118 legal ones in two days, according to a recent report. The country’s authorities have already done something similar in the past, citing the growing electricity demand during the summer.

  • In an interview with a state-owned TV, reported by Bloomberg, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, a spokesman for Iran’s power industry, said the nation will stop providing electricity to all 118 licensed mining operators starting from June 22.
  • As it happened last year, the authorities justified their decision with the growing demand for electricity as summer comes. Mashhadi highlighted a large number of power shortages in the past few weeks as the demand had surpassed 60,000 megawatts.