How a 16-year-old white boy rose to become a Chinese mafia boss


  • Asian man gave John Willis his number after he saved him from a fight
  • 16-year-old dialed & was picked up by Chinese men in BMWs minutes later
  • Boston’s Chinese mafia took him and in and he quickly learned Chinese in two dialects, as well as Vietnamese
  • Willis proved his worth and rose through the ranks, known as White Devil
  • He eventually became second-in-command of the Chinese mob but split from them in the 2000s to sell drugs on a huge scale
  • His life became more stable after meeting his Vietnamese-American girlfriend but he was eventually caught trafficking $4million in oxycodone
  • FBI say Willis – who was jailed for 20 years – is the only white man to join the Chinese mafia 

Down on his luck and with nowhere no turn, 16-year-old John Willis made a phone call that would transform his life.

With his father long gone and his mother dead, he was taking steroids to beef himself up and convince the owner of a club in Boston that he was 18 and therefore old enough to be a bouncer.

After helping a young Asian man called Woping Joe out of a fight at the club, he was handed a card with a phone number and told to ring it if he ever needed help.

Days later, with just 76 cents to his name and nowhere to sleep, he found himself dialing the number for a lift. Just minutes afterwards he was picked up by two BMWs car packed with young, Chinese men.

At the time he was just looking for a warm meal and a roof over his head, but a decade later he would be the Chinese mafia’s number two, known as Bac Guai John – or White Devil.

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