Pointing to reduced sentences of 2 killers, Staten Island mob graveyard defendant asks for early release


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Despite two previous attempts for a compassionate release that were shot down by a federal judge — including one earlier this year — a former mobster who committed two heinous murders more than 30 years ago is trying his luck again with a new petition.

Back in July, Judge Margo K. Brodie denied Vincent Giattino’s request for a compassionate release, citing he “committed two heinous murders using guns equipped with silencers and trafficked narcotics as a devout member of BCF (Bonanno Crime Family).”

The nature and seriousness of Giattino’s crimes “support his continued detention,” Brodie previously stated.

This time, attorney Anthony Cecutti, is hoping two recent decisions will help in Giattino’s situation.

The life sentences for Anthony Russo and Paul Moore, who were both convicted of murders and other violent crimes after trial and sentenced to life imprisonment, were reduced to 35 years. “We respectfully request that this court do the same and reduce Mr. Giattino’s life sentence to 35 years,” he asked in a Nov. 26 filing in Brooklyn federal court.

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