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Mafia boss found working as pizza boss after 16 years on the run

By Barbie Nadeau, CNN

Updated 11:44 PM ET, Fri February 3, 2023

Rome (CNN)Italian anti-Mafia police have arrested another mobster on the run, just two weeks after the sensational arrest on January 16 of Sicilian Cosa Nostra superboss Matteo Messina Denaro at a health clinic in Palermo, Sicily.

This time it was Edgardo Greco, 63, who was apprehended in Saint-Etienne, France, where he was working under the alias Paolo Dimitrio as a pizzaiolo — or pizza chef — at the Caffe Rossini Italian restaurant.

Greco, associated with the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, was convicted in absentia in 1991 for the double homicide of brothers Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo, who he is alleged to have killed with iron bars before dissolving their bodies in acid, according to court documents. He had evaded Italian law enforcement officials since his conviction.

Described as a “dangerous fugitive” by Nicola Gratteri, the anti-Mafia prosecutor who led the investigation as head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Catanzaro, Calabria, Greco was also convicted of the attempted murder of several prison officials, earning him the nickname “prison killer.”


Malta, the Mafia’s paradise

The EU’s smallest member state, Malta, has become the Mafia’s El Dorado. This was the shocking conclusion of a study commissioned by the European Parliament’s Martin Schirdewan.

The report shows how Italian mafia clans laundered billions of euros through online gaming platforms in Malta between 2015 and 2022.

Four billion euros of assets were confiscated through investigations into online gaming related to Malta. The study found that “criminals, including those from Calabria’s ‘Ndrangheta and Sicily’s Cosa Nostra, have become part of the Maltese gaming sector through companies they set up and which they used to launder huge sums of money”.

Why is Malta so attractive to criminal organisations? Why are Mafia bosses so keen on Malta? What makes Malta such a haven for some of the most feared tough guys in the criminal world?

The answer was spelt out by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri.  He was compelled to admit that there wasn’t a single applicant for the vacant post of Deputy Police Commissioner.


With A Little Help From My Friends: Former Kansas City Crime Lord Whitey Cox Aided K.C. Mob Figure John Mandacina’s Bid For Freedom

January 7, 2023 — One-time Kansas City Black mob boss Eddie (Whitey) Cox gets an assist in the freeing of K.C. mafia soldier John Mandacina this week. Cox, who is the only Caucasian to ever lead an African-American criminal organization and known as an expert amateur jurist, helped attorneys for Manadcina draft legal briefs that earned him a sentence commutation and sprung him from a life sentence he was serving for a Civella crime family murder that occurred back in 1990.

The 88-year old Cox got himself a compassionate release for medical reasons in the summer of 2021. He pointed Mandacina in the same direction. U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs let Mandacina, 76. out of the Big House Friday because he is battling lung cancer. While Mandacina did 30 years as a guest of the government, Whitey Cox did almost 32 before seeing freedom 18 months ago.

Cox co-founded the Kansas City’s Black Mafia on the city’s eastside in 1968 along with James (Doc) Dearborn and Eugene (Jimmy the Seal) Richardson, overseeing a vast empire of gambling, drugs, loan sharking, extortion and prostitution. Known for his sharp mind, gangland political savvy and innovative crimes, Cox was Dearborn’s main adviser and a diplomat in the area’s crime scene. Dearborn was killed mob-style in 1985, gunned down in a motel by the airport.


Luigi Ronsisvalle was the Forrest Gump of the mafia—in the middle of everything

During his two decades as Brooklyn’s top mob-busting homicide prosecutor, Michael Vecchione dealt with all manner of wiseguys, but none was less impressive than Luigi the Zip.

Short, overweight, disheveled and speaking in broken English, Sicilian import Luigi Ronsisvalle — dubbed “the human bowling ball” by Vecchione for being as wide as he was tall — embodied his Zip moniker, a slur American gangsters used for their overseas brethren, whom they regarded as backwater yokels. No one, it seemed, took Luigi seriously.

“He was just a schlub,” says Vecchione of the focus of his new book, “Homicide Is My Business” (Camino Books), out now.

“He was never sharp in the way he dressed. He was never able to carry on conversations. He was just a guy who knew how to do what they wanted him to do, which was kill people.”

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Pointing to reduced sentences of 2 killers, Staten Island mob graveyard defendant asks for early release


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Despite two previous attempts for a compassionate release that were shot down by a federal judge — including one earlier this year — a former mobster who committed two heinous murders more than 30 years ago is trying his luck again with a new petition.

Back in July, Judge Margo K. Brodie denied Vincent Giattino’s request for a compassionate release, citing he “committed two heinous murders using guns equipped with silencers and trafficked narcotics as a devout member of BCF (Bonanno Crime Family).”

The nature and seriousness of Giattino’s crimes “support his continued detention,” Brodie previously stated.

This time, attorney Anthony Cecutti, is hoping two recent decisions will help in Giattino’s situation.

The life sentences for Anthony Russo and Paul Moore, who were both convicted of murders and other violent crimes after trial and sentenced to life imprisonment, were reduced to 35 years. “We respectfully request that this court do the same and reduce Mr. Giattino’s life sentence to 35 years,” he asked in a Nov. 26 filing in Brooklyn federal court.

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