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Arab ‘mafia’ infiltrates German police, state services – German police union official

Powerful Arab criminal clans are actively trying to plant their members into Berlin’s police and other state services, a local German Police Union head has claimed. He went on to say the mafia gangs are seeking to control police actions.

Large criminal networks of migrant descent are seeking to provide some of their members access to the inner workings of state services, Bodo Pfalzgraf, the head of the Berlin branch of the German Police Union, told the German broadcaster ZDF on Wednesday. “The truth should be revealed,” he said.

“There are clear indications that big Arab clans have a [infiltration] strategy and try to keep certain family members away from criminal activities so that they could later infiltrate state services,” Pfalzgraf explained as he appeared on ZDF’s ‘Morgen Magazin’ program. The migrant mafia has “a vital interest in first-hand knowledge of how the state works, how the police operate and when searches [and raids] are conducted,” he said.

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Germany working on nationwide corruption ‘black list’: draft law

BERLIN (Reuters) – The German Economics Ministry want to create a nationwide database aimed at making it easier to block companies found guilty of fraud and other violations from receiving federal, state and local government contracts.

A legislative draft viewed by Reuters calls for companies found guilty of major violations to be blocked from government contracts for five years, with less serious charges to result in a three-year ban.

“The goal of the legislation is to ensure that government contracts are only awarded to companies that have not incurred major legal violations and that have competed fairly,” according to the draft.

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