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What’s AMD after with Its Patent Lawsuits?

AMD eyes licensing revenue

In the previous part of the series, we discussed how Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is looking to improve its profits by entering high-end markets and expanding its licensing business. AMD secured a net licensing gain of $31 million in fiscal 4Q16 from its server joint venture with THATIC (Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment).

AMD expects to gain $50 million from this licensing in fiscal 2017. It’s also looking to secure more licensing deals in 2017 and has filed patent lawsuits for the same.

Details of AMD’s patent lawsuits

In January 2017, AMD filed civil lawsuits against LG, Vizio, MediaTek, and Sigma Designs for infringing three generic-looking graphics patents owned by ATI which AMD acquired in 2006. The three patents relate to GPU (graphics processing unit) architecture, unified shaders, and parallel pipeline graphics.

AMD claims that the above four companies are using its technologies in the following products:

  • MediaTek’s Helio P10 SoC (system on chip) features the Mali T860MP2 GPU it licensed from ARM. This SoC is used in some of LG’s smartphone models.
  • Sigma’s SX7 SoC features an ARM-developed quad-cluster GPU. This SoC is used in Vizio’s advanced TVs.

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3 companies apply to patent ‘fake news’

Cards Against Humanity group among interested


NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – Get ready for a “Fake News” TV show, a “Fake News” board game and lots of “Fake News” T-shirts.

Three U.S. companies are trying to trademark the term “fake news.” One of the applications is from the animation team behind “The Simpsons.” Another is from the group behind the popular game Cards Against Humanity.

These companies applied for a trademark to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on January 12, the day after the press conference when then President-elect Donald Trump called CNN “fake news” (a claim CNN debunked).

“We’re living in such a bizarre world,” Waterman, one of the filers, told CNNMoney. He owns Film Roman, the team of animators that sketched “The Simpsons” for over 25 years through early 2016. Now his team is at work on an adult cartoon comedy he plans to call “Fake News.”

“We want to get the truth out there in a way the public will accept it,” says Waterman, who sees the project as similar to those from comedians Samantha Bee and John Oliver, who poke fun at Trump, the media and other politicians.

Shari Spiro also thinks America could use some laughs right now. She is CEO of AdMagic and Breaking Games, the company that manufactures the hit board game Cards Against Humanity.

“I’ve just never seen anything like this [political climate] in my entire life,” Spiro told CNNMoney. “Friends on social media are losing it.”

Spiro called up the creators of Cards Against Humanity and pitched the idea of a “Fake News” game. The makers of the adult party game, where players fill in the blanks for risque and off color phrases or words, immediately jumped on board, calling it “one of the most brilliant ideas we’ve ever heard.”

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