Investigators hunting for mafia-linked union boss Jimmy Hoffa – whose 1975 disappearance featured in The Irishman – dig up a New Jersey landfill

  • Hoffa was 62 when he vanished after a restaurant meeting on the outskirts of Detroit in July 1975, and his body has never been found
  • His death is widely believed to have been ordered by Anthony Provenzano, a capo with the Genovese crime family and head of a New Jersey teamsters union
  • The search for Hoffa has seen multiple sites dug up over the decades, mainly in the Detroit area
  • Several rumors over the years have also pointed to New Jersey locations but nothing has ever been confirmed
  • In 2019 a dying former worker on a landfill in Jersey City said that his father, in 2008, told him he was given Hoffa’s body and told to bury it
  • On October 25 and 26 this year FBI teams from Detroit and Newark dug part of the former landfill site in the hunt for steel barrels 
  • The FBI has not discussed their findings but finding Hoffa’s remains would end a mystery 46-years in the making