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Kim Kardashian Divorce Official Announcement: Kanye West Kicked Out, Custody Battle Over North And Saint Begins


Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kanye West is really happening – according to this week’s cover of In Touch Magazine. Divorce rumors have plagued Kim and Kanye for months, it’s obvious that their relationship is not what it used to be. And, it turns out Kim Kardashian is just an annoyed with her husband’s erratic and egotistical behavior as the rest of the world.

This week’s cover of In Touch Magazine features a fierce looking Kim – no seriously, she has the “I Mean Business” face, in another photo Kanye West appears to have packed a bag and is moving out.

The headline screams, “Kim Announces Divorce – Kanye Kicked Out!” In Touch’s front page goes on to tease all the details on a fight the couple had at 4:00 AM that ended it all, the divorce papers and custody battle, and Kim ordering Kanye to get help now for his erratic behavior.

What has been interesting about Kanye’s West’s latest downward spiral is that the rapper’s entire breakdown has been pristinely documented across the internet – we have screenshots of his insane Twitter rampages, and there is even the tape of Kanye screaming obscenities and making NO sense behind the scenes at Saturday Night Life.

Not to mention police reports from previous violent altercations in the past few years. Basically, Kanye doesn’t stand a chance at getting custody of North and Saint West. We’re not saying Kim is a good mom, but she is definitely a better looking parent on paper than Kanye West.

Kim and Kanye’s divorce really is a no brainer – we all saw this coming a mile away. There is no way Kim is going to stand by Kanye’s side while he commits career suicide. The reality TV queen is obviously trying to get out while she still can – before Kanye kills both of her careers.

What do you guys think? Will Kanye actually get help – or will Kim have no choice but to file for divorce? Is it wrong of her to abandon Kanye when he obviously needs help, or would you have left already if you were in Kim’s shoes? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Rocco Ritchie Allegedly Pictured Smoking Amid Custody Battle: ‘This Is Exactly What Madonna Has Been Afraid Of,’ Says Source

02/08/2016 AT 07:10 AM EST

Madonna and Guy Ritchie‘s custody battle rages on.

Over the weekend, U.K.’s The Sun posted photos of the exes’ underage son Rocco allegedly smoking with friends in London while under his father’s care.

“This is exactly what Madonna has been afraid of,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Rocco still isn’t back in school – and now this. He is just a rebellious teenager, but he needs guidance and direction from his father.”

The teen had been on tour for a few months with Madonna, 57, but left to go live with his father, 47, in the U.K. in December because, as sources previously told PEOPLE, he prefers his father’s laid-back parenting style.

However, when Rocco refused to return home to his mother for the holidays, a judge reportedly ordered him to return to New York for his parents to sort out his living situation. Despite the order, Ritchie has yet to return Rocco to the United States, and a source close to the singer alleges Rocco has missed some school. As a Ritchie source told PEOPLE last week, Madonna even visited her son in between tour legs to make a plea for him to come home.

As a Ritchie source told PEOPLE last week, “It’s about a fundamental difference in parental philosophies,” adding the filmmaker views his ex’s “old-school” approach as “counter-productive” and “harming his self-esteem and confidence at such a crucial part of his life.”

But a friend of the former couple – who finalized their divorce in 2008 – believes the custody squabble was caused in part by their contentious history.

“This is far beyond a situation about Rocco – it’s about a situation between Madonna and Guy,” the friend told PEOPLE last month. “They don’t have a good relationship; it’s more of a power fight between them and if he can one-up her. This is the best way he can do it.”

Madonna and Ritchie are due in New York Supreme Court for a hearing March 2; reps are not commenting.

Full Article From  – http://www.people.com/article/madonna-guy-ritchie-custody-battle-rocco-smoking-underage


12/8/2015 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are officially single, after dividing a huge chunk of movie change.

According to final divorce docs, obtained by TMZ, Antonio made a lot of dough on “The Mask of Zorro,” “Desperado,” and “Spy Kids.” He keeps all the cash from those flicks and she gets to keep what she made from her earlier work.

Melanie and Antonio split money from every movie either of them did between 2004 and 2014, including “Shrek 2,” “Puss in Boots,” “Machete Kills,” “Expendables 3” and others.

It appears they signed some sort of postnup in 2004 which changed the financial deal of their marriage … they married in 1996 but it seems they kept everything separate from the date of their marriage until 2004.

Antonio is not getting out clean … he’s paying her $65k a month in spousal support.

She gets the house in Aspen and they sold their L.A. mansion and split the profits.

And there’s a lot of rich people’s stuff that was divvied up. She gets a Picasso called “The Painter and His Model.” He gets a pencil drawing by Picasso and another pencil drawing by Diego Rivera.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2015/12/08/melanie-griffith-antonio-banderas-divorce-zorro-shrek/#ixzz3tnC6ZqUs

Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett Don’t Watch Their Marital Struggles Play Out on TV: “We Don’t Want to Live It Again”

/ By

Though Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett don’t mind airing their dirty laundry on reality TV, the couple doesn’t necessarily want to see their toughest moments play out on their WE tv show, Kendra on Top.

“We don’t watch it,” Wilkinson, 30, admitted to Us Weekly at the Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege “Siege Day” launch party on Monday, Nov. 23. “I’ll answer questions along the way with fans and everything, but I lived it. And we really don’t want to live it again. We’re past it now. It’s on to new and better things. We’ve grown.”

The Bad Girls Club alum says her six-year marriage (which faltered after Baskett’s cheating scandal) “couldn’t be better,” but noted that as the parents of Hank IV, 5, and Alijah, 17 months, they do struggle to find alone time.

“We’re focusing hard on our kids, and it’s the best thing,” she said. “But the one thing we haven’t done in a while is, like, really take time for ourselves. So this [event] is actually a date night that we really did need. This was a huge date night for us.”

Baskett, 33, says he has taken it upon himself to “swoop her off her feet,” noting, “We’re devoted, but you can’t get over that part. You can’t get over each other. The kids wouldn’t be here if you two didn’t fall in love with each other.”

Despite the couple’s outward display of devotion, a source recently told Us that they are still struggling to get over Baskett’s alleged affair with a transgender model in June 2014.

“She’s deeply unhappy,” an insider says of Wilkinson, but said she “wants to stay together for the kids.”

Full Article – http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/kendra-wilkinson-hank-baskett-dont-watch-their-tv-show-find-out-why-w158419

Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson’s wife granted divorced on grounds of his ‘unreasonable behaviour’

ACTOR Rowan Atkinson’s wife has been granted a divorce on the grounds of his “unreasonable behaviour”.

The Mr Bean and Blackadder star was not present at the brief proceedings in central London.

Estranged wife Sunetra was granted a decree nisi against the 60-year-old by a district judge at the Central Family Court.

Atkinson married the make-up artist in 1990.

Divorce papers made public today did not give any details relating to the unreasonable behaviour ground.

Listed as Atkinson S D v R S, the case was the fourth in a list of 26 before District Judge Stephen Alderson for decrees and orders to be made under the “quickie” procedure.

The County Durham-born actor and his wife, who have two children, are reported to have split last year.

Andrew Newbury, head of family law at Slater and Gordon, said: “Unreasonable behaviour is the most common ground for divorce.

“Even in the happiest of marriages, it’s always possible to find behaviour which can be described as unreasonable.”

Mr Newbury said such behaviour could include complaints that “she talks too much”, or “he never listens”, or that a husband “always wants to go out with friends”.

He added: “Although described as granting a divorce, the divorce itself won’t be made final until Sunetra Atkinson applies for the decree absolute.

“She can do that six weeks after today. She may well be advised by her lawyers to delay the application until the financial settlement has been agreed. It could be many months before the divorce is final.”

Read Full Article – http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/celebrity/mr-bean-star-rowan-atkinsons-6805304