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Cosby team triumphant, but sex crime retrial, lawsuits loom

In one of the more unusual scenes to play out at Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial, the judge questioned Cosby under oath as jury deliberations wore on to be sure he knew the mistrial he sought could lead to a second trial.

Cosby, the actor and comedian known as “America’s Dad,” turns 80 next month facing just that ordeal. Legal experts believe prosecutors will reshape their case for Round Two, although it’s not yet clear why jurors couldn’t reach a verdict, or how close they came.

District Attorney Kevin Steele could ask the judge to let more of Cosby’s 60 accusers testify or disclose to jurors that accuser Andrea Constand is gay. That never came up in her seven hours of testimony. The defense had hoped, if it did, to introduce evidence she had previously dated a man.

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How celebrities’ ‘golden glow’ shines on public health

Updated 12:20 PM ET, Thu May 18, 2017

(CNN)When celebrities speak, it seems, the world listens — even when it comes to personal and public health.

Just look at what happened after Charlie Sheen’s HIV disclosure two years ago, said John Ayers, a research professor at San Diego State University.


Sales of in-home HIV testing kits reached record highs around the same time the actor announced that he had been diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2015, according to a study published in the journal Prevention Science on Thursday. Ayers was a co-author of the study.


About the same time, “in record numbers, people were going online, seeking out information on what the signs of HIV are, on how to find and appropriately prevent HIV with devices such as condoms and also how to get tested,'” Ayers said. “We’ve seen this … many times over.”


For the new study, Ayers and his co-authors monitored weekly sales of OraQuick, the only FDA-approved at-home oral HIV testing kit available in the United States, from 2014 to 2016.


The researchers found that there were 8,225 more sales than they expected the week of Sheen’s HIV status announcement. Elevated sales continued for four weeks after Sheen’s disclosure.
The findings show a correlation, not a direct causation. Yet in a previous study, Ayers and his colleagues also found that Google searches for HIV testing and related topics also spiked after Sheen’s announcement.


“The most common reaction is, ‘So what? What does a search really mean?’ Our new study shows not only did Sheen’s disclosure lead people to seek information about HIV prevention, it also corresponded with record levels of at-home rapid HIV testing sales,” Ayers said.

hey are not doctors, many celebrities have had both positive and negative ties to public health in recent years.


Court Ruling on Celebrity Photos Raises New Copyright Risk for Websites

Apr 10, 2017

When a gossip site posted a photo of a pregnant-looking Beyoncé, it probably didn’t anticipate the fallout: A major copyright decision that could imperil the site’s business model and undermine a legal defense used by other websites that depend on user content.

The decision, handed down Friday by a federal appeals court in California, came as a defeat for LiveJournal, which hosts the popular blog called “Oh No They Didn’t,” a forum for users to upload news about celebrities and chat about them.

The ruling came after a paparazzi operation called Mavrix, which the court describes as “specializing in candid photographs of celebrities in tropical locations,” sued Live Journal for copyright infringement over the Beyoncé photo and 19 other photos.

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Hollywood celebrities are being hit left and right by burglars … but as far as the crooks are concerned they’re nobody special, because high-end break-ins are out of control this year.

TMZ broke the story, Dodgers star Yasiel Puig was the latest to be hit, with thieves making off with more than half a mil in jewelry. Other celebs hit include Alanis Morissette, Cesar Millan and Derek Fisher.

Law enforcement tells us … they believe the celebs were not targeted because they flaunted their jewelry and other riches on social media. The sources say these celebs all live in ritzy areas of L.A., and there has been an influx of criminals because California has recently opened the prison doors.

Recent laws have addressed terrible prison overcrowding by ordering the release of a number of non-violent criminals. There are also drug offenses that have been reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.

Our sources say a number of the people released are burglars, and now that they’re out they’re going back to what they know. As a result, there has been an explosion of burglaries in the L.A. area.

And there’s something else. We’re told a number of people who were hit, including some of the celebs who have become victims, did not turn their alarms on because they assumed it wasn’t necessary since they live in what they believed were safe areas.

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Celeb Sightings: Treats! Magazine 4th Annual White Party with Matt Bellamy, Nicole Williams, Elle Evans, Mark Foster, Brody Jenner and more

Celebrities in attendance for TREATS! MAGAZINE 4TH ANNUAL WHITE PARTY SPONSORED BY STELLA ARTOIS were Nicole Williams (E! WAGS), Larry English (NFL player), Matt Bellamy (Lead singer of Muse), Elle Evans (Model and girlfriend of Matt Bellamy), Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado (MTV’s The Hills), Spencer Garrett, Mark Foster (Foster The People), Julia Clancey (Fashion designer), Tika Camaj (Model), Genevieve Morton (SI Model), Rocky Barnes (Blogger and Model), Jennifer Berg Pinyojit (Model), Kaylen Ostapovich (Model), Nick Simmons (Son of Gene Simmons), Rachel Cook (Model), Chelcie May (Model)

Nicole Williams (E! WAGS)
Nicole Williams (E! WAGS)

More Info:
Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? For the fourth year in a row, treats! magazine hosted a luxurious all-white dress code party in Malibu with a beautiful background of the Pacific Ocean, celebrating people in fields of art, fashion, music and entertainment.

Model, Nicole Williams, Tika Camaj
Model, Nicole Williams, Tika Camaj

While the party started out with a chill Malibu vibe, it soon picked up as the DJ started spinning and guests began to arrive. Everyone enjoyed cold beers and a variety of other drinks out of their iconic Stella Artois chalices. Early arrivals included “WAGS” star Nicole Williams and beau Larry English and Nick Simmons, who enjoyed the stunning view of the Malibu coast. Many known models like Tika Camaj arrived wearing Indah dresses and For Love & Lemons in the trend of lace and bell sleeves in white and ivory. Most models were in bright white lace and stood out significantly. British fashion designer Julia Clancey wore a stunning and statement-making dress and head piece emblazoned with fine jewels and crystals.

Matt Bellamy (MUSE) and girlfriend, model Elle Evans
Matt Bellamy (MUSE) and girlfriend, model Elle Evans

Later on in the evening, Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado, strolled in and joked around enjoying the laid back pool vibes and stunning view. Absolute Elyx also served up Moscow mules to the thirsty guests including Steve Shaw, treats! Editor in Chief and Founder, who was entertaining friends and guests including pal Spencer Garrett and Singer Matt Bellamy (MUSE) and his girlfriend, model Elle Evans. Foster The People’s Mark Foster got in the party spirit and playfully photo bombed some of guests!

Larry English (San Diego Chargers) and girlfriend Nicole Williams (E! WAGS)
Larry English (San Diego Chargers) and girlfriend Nicole Williams (E! WAGS)
Treats! Editor in Chief Steve Shaw and Nick Simmons
Treats! Editor in Chief Steve Shaw and Nick Simmons